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  • Masters camp 2020

    Master camp 2020 in Geilo 1. 3-5th of January 2. 7-9th of February 3. 6-8th of March To register please email to or send sms to 96832615 ...

    Published: 01.01.2020

  • Congratulation to Kristiane Bekkestad

    Congratulation to Kristiane Bekkestad for making the Europa cup team :) It is now 5 ex team members on the Norwegian National Team: Tomas Markegaard, Marthe Monsen, Marcus Monsen, Guro Hvammen and Kri ...

    Published: 04.11.2018

  • Master camp 9-11th of March

    Master camp 9-11 of March:   9th: SG in Aal 10th: GS in Geilo 11th: Sl in Geilo ...

    Published: 03.05.2018

  • Donald Duck 2015 results

    Donald Duck is over :) Great results from the team well done U12 Magnus 2nd place in GS and 5th place in SL, Mathias 11th in GS U14 Kariane 4th in GS, Nora 5th in SL and 11th in GS ...

    Published: 04.26.2015

  • Hovedlands 2015

    Hovedlands is over :) 94 girls and 114 boys on start Well done to all Marte Monsen 5th in SC, 8th in SG, 10th in GS Mina Mina Sofie Rabo 11th in SG, 11th in SC, 11th in SL, 13th in GS, 14th in DH Andr ...

    Published: 03.16.2015